Interchange is available in 2 versions – Full and Lite.

  • Full Version = $995 per year.
  • Lite Version = $595 per year.

Interchange provides an accurate ability for coaches and fitness staff to record, manage and track a player’s rotations during a match. This is a critical element when you are monitoring a player’s work-load and managing players who may be returning from injury. You have the ease of setting individual game time accompanied with set rotations for specific match requirements.
You also have the ability to mirror the software from the coaches box and the interchange bench. This is a powerful tracking tool for coaches to determine where a player is on the field at any given time.
Simply push print each quarter or post match and receive all the rotational data you capture and require.

Features that are not included with the Lite version:

  • No network connectivity - Cannot view Interchange on multiple PCs or connect to a FootyStat server/match.
  • No player warnings/alerts - Being warned/alerted when a player has been on the field for too long.
  • No opposition recording – Cannot record the opposition Interchange times.
  • No season reports – The season reports produce an overall review of the season in regards to rotation times and averages


$595 +GST - Lite Version
+GST - Full Version

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