Fooytech is an Australian Owned and Operated Company that is a division of the Adcell Group. It’s parent company, Red Onion Creative (also a division of the Adcell Group) is famous for it’s digital video analysis and recording of AFL Football throughout Australia. With years of AFL Football experience, we are positioned in the industry as ‘Your AFL Football Specialists’. Our passion for football drives us to create the most compelling suite of products on the market and our approach to innovation means you can rely on us to fit in with your requirements.

Footytech allows you to maximize your competitive advantage by capturing, measuring, anaylzing and providing feedback to your team, all within the push of a button. The choices available are all offered at an affordable investment, suitable for all team sizes and budgets.

With the capturing, compiling and analysis of football data and statistics, we offer you the most comprehensive database of information available, ensuring we meet your requirements, whatever they may be.

We are proud to offer the following suite of products and services under the umbrella of the Adcell Group, FootyTech and Red Onion Creative.


  • FootyTech Software
  • FootyEdit (Video editing & analysis)
  • FootyStat (Statistical capture & analysis)
  • Interchange (Player rotations)


  • Video recording & capture
  • Live Streaming to your website or dedicated channel
  • Web TV Shows
  • Highlight packages
  • Fully interactive DVD’s
  • Full Content Management Websites (CMS)
  • Interactive Graphics & Advertising
  • Hosting & Data Storage
  • Team websites for video viewing